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Dec, 2023

The Role, Responsibilities of a Local League Player Agent

The Player Agent is widely considered the second-most important local league Board of Directors position, with the League President being considered the most important. A Player Agent is tasked with overseeing all aspects of the management of playing members of the local league. Separate Player Agents are permitted for separate divisions and levels of play, which allows a volunteer holding this position to also serve as a coach or manager in the league, including the division in which he/she oversees. Whether tasked with overseeing the whole league or individual divisions, a Player Agent must know these five things.

Thorough Understanding of Preseason Tasks

Player management begins in the preseason when players register, tryout, and are selected to teams. This is the busiest time for the Player Agent.

While the Board of Directors, as a whole, will staff registration, it is still the responsibility (with the President) to validate all players’ ages and residency.

For tryouts, the Player Agent will ensure notification of the date, time, and location is communicated to all player candidates and prepares the tryout list that managers will use to evaluate players.

Major division teams and above must follow Little League-approved team selection methods (drafts), which is the responsibility of the Player Agent.

Understanding of Player Selection Methods and Options

Player selections is the responsibility of the Player Agent, who must ensure that proper methods (determined by the Board) are properly used and managers are educated in advance of the draft of the selection process. The Player Agent must prepare the draft list, which lists all eligible players for selection.

Additionally, the Player Agent must be aware of the draft process and all rules that apply, such as draft order. Draft options that could come into play must be studied by the Player Agent, who should be aware of them, along with the ability to allow them to be properly used.

The ability for trades is permitted by Little League International, but the local league has the ability to restrict the window to allow them or to not permit them at all. The Player Agent must oversee all trades and take the proposed trade to the Board of Directors for approval.

Conduction of Strict Roster Management

The Player Agent should record each team’s roster and keep them on file and submit them to Little League. (Player registration data or rosters are both accepted by Little League International.)

Once teams are selected and set, the Player Agent must oversee all teams to ensure those selected to the team are the only ones participating in team activities and ensure players are routinely attending such activities.

During the season, should there be the need for replacements, the Player Agent, along with the team manager, must follow the established process for such replacement. The Player Agent must also provide proper notice to the individual being replaced.

It is the responsibility of the Player Agent to ensure no manager is mishandling his roster and that all players are being treated equal.

Understanding of How to Release Players

There are four different occasions or types of player releases. Any time a player is released, written notice must be provided by the league.

Non-registrant: Any player who participated with the league in the previous season and is otherwise eligible to register with league for present year, but has not registered prior to the start of the draft. This does require majority approval by the Board of Directors.

Player Evaluation/Tryouts: Following the conclusion of all player evaluation/tryout sessions, any candidate that was required to attend one of the scheduled sessions, but failed to do so, is subject to be released and not eligible for selection to any team in any division. The parent/guardian may submit an excuse, which can be deemed acceptable by majority vote of the Board and permits the child to be eligible for selection to any team in any division (that he or she is otherwise eligible for).

Off-Season Release: Players in the Major Division and above may request to be released during the off-season, which must be approved by majority vote of the Board. If approved, release provides player to selected to another team in a division but not to move down a division.

In-Season Release: A manager may request the Board to release a player during the season. Such release does not permit a child to participate the balance of the regular season with another team or division. The player would have to tryout the following season to be eligible for selection to a team.

Knowledge of Tournament Team Player Requirements

A Player Agent is responsible, along with the League President to verify and attest to each tournament team’s player age and residency in accordance with Little League regulations. The Player Agent must also ensure which players are eligible for selection to a tournament team. The Player Agent may also be responsible for selection of such teams.

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