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Injury Reporting

INJURY REPORTING: Local League Level

If a player or other person is injured at a field/Little League activity, the Injury Tracking Form is completed and sent to the league safety officer within 24-48 hours. The league safety officer should report the injury to the district safety officer within 24-48 hours (see below).

Each league determines its procedure for completing the injury tracking form: in most cases it is the manager (for injured player), or a league official (for injured adult or non-player). 

Within 24 hours of receiving the injury tracking form, the Safety Officer should follow up with the parent/guardian of the injured player/person and verify the information received, obtain any other information necessary, and check on the status of the injured player/person. 

IF MEDICAL ATTENTION IS REQUIRED, the Little League Accident Notification Form should be completed by the parent/guardian or injured adult as well as a league official (preferably the safety officer).

This form must be submitted to Little League International within 20 days of the incident. It serves to report the injury to Little League, as well as activate the secondary insurance policy carried by Little League.*


The league safety officer should report the injury to the district safety officer by:

1) sending a copy of the injury tracking form to [email protected], OR

2) reporting the injury via the online District Injury Reporting Form (this method does not collect identifying information).

What does the district do with the injury reports?

Injury reports received by the district safety officer are de-identified (all personal and identifying information is removed) and the data are analyzed for patterns, frequency of events, etc. Results are presented to the league presidents at the monthly district meeting during the spring and fall seasons, and are used to identify improvements in practices and procedures toward injury prevention.

Why do we document and report injuries and near misses?

Injury tracking, including near misses, can reveal patterns, which helps inform injury prevention efforts (such as field, training or officiating issues).

Makes certain league officials are aware of an injury, follow-up with the family or injured person, and make certain they recover; this includes ensuring appropriate return to play after an injury.

Injuries requiring medical attention need to be documented and reported to Little League International.

*The Little League Player Accident Policy, underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company (a member company of AIG). is an excess coverage, accident only plan, to be used as a supplement to other insurance carried under a family policy or insurance provided by an employer. The policy is subject to a $50 deductible that is the responsibility of the claimant. If a covered injury requires necessary treatment in the form of medical services or supplies provided by a physician, nurse, therapist, or other medical professional within 30 days after the date of the accident the Company will pay the reasonable expenses incurred.

Such reasonable expenses must be incurred within 52 weeks after the date of the injury to be considered (subject to any deferred benefits). The maximum accident medical expense benefit is $100,000 for any one injury to any one Insured.

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