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California District 54 Little League - Baseball, Softball, Challenger


California District 54 Little League is a 501c (3) Non Profit. Corporation
c2973896   EIN 20-8946437
Incorporated in the State of California

District 54 and Little League® regulations require any volunteer with repetitive access to children to consent to a national criminal background check, which includes a check of the National Sex Offender Registry database.

Baseball, Challenger, Softball, Support 12 Leagues:  Cosumnes River Little League, El Dorado Hills Little League,  Divide Little League, Folsom American Little League, Folsom National Little League,  Hangtown Little League, Lakeside Little League, Maidu Little League, Ponderosa Little League, Roseville West Little League,  Snowline Little League, Woodcreek Little League.

Boys and Girls, Programs for players 4-16, With the proven structure, it allows organizations to offer a youth baseballl program to serve every child in the community.

The Little League® Challenger Program was founded in 1989, and is Little League’s adaptive baseball program for individuals with physical and intellectual challenges.Any individual with a physical or intellectual challenge may participate. If an individual can participate in the traditional Little League Baseball or Softball program with reasonable accommodations they should do so. The Little League Challenger Division accommodates players ages 4-to-18; or up to age 22 if still enrolled in school. The Senior League Challenger Division accommodates players ages 15 to 22 Years of age.

Girls Softball
The Little League Softball® program includes divisions for all girls ages, 4–16. With the proven structure, it allows organizations to offer a youth softball program to serve every child in the community. In addition to on-field fundamentals and providing a competitive environment, Little League Softball uses the sport to strengthen participants’ self-esteem and confidence.

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 Great Reference, Suggest that you might want to Print out to review with your players and Staff

Dear Little League Family’s

We are in the middle of some unexpected  and challenging  times for our community, Little League  players and parents. Your league wants to help  players and the families across district CA54. We are in Partnership with Big Al Coaching for the opportunity to help provide an alternative solution for suspended games and practice.

We would like to provide  at no cost, access to Big Al online Parent/Player 4-8 and Parent/Player 9-12  programs for all of the parents of players in your League for the 2020 Season.

You can practice at home with your player in the safety and security of your home.

The parent programs include…instructional videos of the fundamental skills that player should learn andpractice at both the 4-8-year-old and 9-12-year-old levels.  The online programs also include a Section called  Practice at Home.  This section of videos includes lots of fun drills, games and challenges that you can practice at home so you can get stronger and improve your skills all season long.   There is also a section on strategy and positional play with roles and responsibilities for every player on the team in a variety of game situations. 

To have a quick look at what the programs include please watch the 2 short ParentVideos on the front page of

-      Video about the Parent 4-8 online program

-      Video about the Parent 9-12 online program

Parents, to activate your own personal membership go to

1.     Click on the  Membership Code button in the top right corner of the web page.

2.     Select the online  Parent 4-8 or  Parent 9-12 Program…that fits the age of your son or daughter

3.     To activate your program fill in the registration fields and click  CONTINUE.

4.     Enter your Membership Code D54PARENTS in the box and then click on the  APPLY button.  (This will recalculate your membership cost to 00.00.)

5.     Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the  CHECKOUT button.

6.     You will be taken to the  Login page. Go ahead and  Login with your own  Username and  Password.  (Note: depending on your browser and computer settings you may need to enter you UN and PW twice.)

7.     Please click on the link to your  Parent program on the  MY PROGRAMS page and enjoy!

To  LOGIN the next time, please just go directly to and click on the Login Button at the top right corner of the web page and Login

Parents and playersof CA D54 please take advantage of the online programs and practice the fun drills and challenges at home and keep improving and having fun through the next couple of weeks and all season long. We all are looking forward to the Little League Season after the supended Season.


Wishing everyone the best

Mac Cameron
California 54 District Administrator






Coaches, Manager, Tournament Staff

Briefing Notes:

Thank You on behalf of the entire Little League District, our families and the community of volunteering your time for our All-Star Players. We know that it is a huge time commitment, with lots of FUN, heat, sweat, stress, countless hours and AWESOME Baseball/Softball. You are creating lasting memories for our players, Thank You.


Team Environment-Create activities, outside of practice to build on the team experience, example: go to the movies as a team, swim day at the pool, barbq with the parents.


Meet with the Parents – Review Tournament Brackets, Commitment, Intensity.

 Explain tournament rules are different than Season rules


Talk about Sportsmanship with all.


Following the Little league Green Book Rules and Regulations


Respect the Host fields rules, IE: Sun Flower Seeds, Animals, Parking etc.…

Video of the game and or streaming is only for personal use unless Little League has authorized it.


No Camera Setup at the Fence or mounted on the fence.


Absolutely NO Artificial Noisemakers will be allowed during this tournament.


 No Flash photography is allowed, and you must remain a minimum of 3 feet behind all fences and dugouts.



Federal law was recently enacted which established a nationwide standard duty to report suspected child abuse. The “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Act of 2017” mandates that all amateur sports organizations, which participate in an interstate or international amateur athletic competition and whose membership includes any adult who is in regular contact with an amateur athlete who is a minor must report suspected child abuse, including sexual abuse, within 24 hours to law enforcement. An individual who is required, but fails, to report suspected child sexual abuse is subject to criminal penalties. If an individual suspect a case of abuse within their league, they should report it to the appropriate child services organization and/or local law enforcement as well as, their league president and District Administrator. Information regarding reporting child abuse can be found, at:


New Little League Tournament Rules



Coaches and Managers

Practices can only be with neighboring leagues, and out of uniform.


Arrive One Hour before game Starts 1 Hour before the game your team arrives, and the Manager reports to the Tournament Director. For Coin Toss    1) team furthest distance calls heads or tails
2) the winner of coin toss gets to choose EITHER a) home vs visitor b) dug out
3) the loser of coin toss then gets to choose a or b ...


Badges – Coaches and Managers will be issued ID Badges, please wear them always when at the game.


Safety is enforced per the Green Book, warming up Players (Little League does not want Coaches or Manager to warm up Players, Proper equipment is the reasonability of the Managers and Coaches.


Dress Code

Following is the dress code in effect for all Northern California Division II Division Tournaments.  This dress code applies to District, Section and Division Tournaments.


Little League – Docker type pants, slacks or hemmed shorts will be required for managers and coaches; no denim type pants/shorts or camo pants/shorts will be allowed.  Shorts, including tailored, cargo-type shorts, MUST be no higher than 2 inches above the knees and no lower than the knees. The pants, slacks or shorts must be the same color for the manager and coaches. Collared shirts or team jersey/shirt will be required and should be tucked in the pants. No tee shirts or tank tops will be allowed.


Junior/Senior League – Managers and coaches may wear full uniforms. If not in full uniform, the same dress code for Little League will apply here.


No open toe shoes or sandals will be allowed.


Team hats will be required on the manager and coaches. Note: For Softball, Managers and Coaches may wear a hat, visor or nothing if they are wearing the same head ware as the players.


Any manager or coach who does not conform to the dress code will not be allowed on the playing field before or during the game.


The purpose of the dress code is to insure an acceptable uniform appearance of all participants and to promote a positive role model for the players and spectators at the tournament sites.


Line Up cards – will be given to the Manager at the game site, please use the one provided, Turn them into the scorekeeper 30 mins before the time. Follow-up with the announcer for the correct pronunciation of names. DO NOT SEPARATE THEM


Fans and Communications, please explain to your team, coaches/managers and fans the rules


Player and Team Affidavits; The Team Affidavits and Pitch count record are presented to the tournament Director upon arrival at the game site. The supporting document Binder also must be at the site always and may be reviewed by the Tournament Director.


Electronic Devices – only used for scorekeeping in the dugout.


Opening and Closing Ceremonies each game will have one, Teams to line up on Base Line, Pins/Awards are awarded at your last game for the tournament.


Replacement Coaches, Managers and Players- Only with DA/Little Leagues approval


Weather Issue, Lighting, Rain, Heat. Smoke – The Tournament Director will make all decision regarding these events. And the tournament director is to contact Mac Cameron ASAP, for additional instructions.


Protests, Little League for All Stars, District Administrator for TOC    TOC Tournament is a District Program and the District Administer has the final word, All Star Tournament is governing by Little League International and all protest must go through them, The Protest committee only speaks with the Tournament Director or District Staff, The game is stop until a resolution.


The procedure for processing a protest situation begins at the game site. First it goes to the umpires for resolution, If no resolution to the Tournament Director and District Staff at the site. If an instance arises whereby a managers wishes to lodge a protest, the first step is to notify the umpires for resolution, If no resolution to the Tournament Director and District Staff at the site Tournament Director, who will in turn, contact a representative at the Little League Region Headquarters.


The final step is to have the protest heard by the Little League® International Tournament Committee in Williamsport, Pa. The expediency of the Tournament Committee’s decision is directly dependent on the nature of the protest. Once the Tournament Committee renders its decision, it is binding and cannot be altered in anyway



Pitch Count The scoring table will announce the pitch count throughout the game, it is still the responsibility of the Manger to monitor this issue,


Min Play, Substation The scoring table will announce in the 3 inning Min Play, asking if each team is meeting the requirement. It is still the responsibility of the Manger to monitor this issue, NEW RULE


Leaving the Field Procedures during the game, Only with Umpire approval, and with an escort provided by the Tournament Director.


FOOD AND DRINKS, no food in the Dugout, you can bring in a cooler with drinks, Tournament Host is to provide water



Altering a helmet in anyway (drilling holes, removing padding, etc.) may cause a manufacturer to void the NOCSAE certification of that helmet, making it illegal to use in Little League play. If you have altered your helmet or intend to, please contact the helmet manufacturer to determine if altering the helmet will void the NOCSAE certification.




Easton Ghost X YBB18GX10 30/20 2 5/8" (or the "Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8" at retail) has been decertified by USA Baseball


Tournament Staff

There must be sufficient volunteer workers for field maintenance, snack bar, security, collections, announcing, score keeping, Pitch count, field maintained, etc.


Video and Streaming of the game. Video of the game and or streaming is only for personal use unless Little League has authorized it. NO CAMERAS SETUP AT THE FENCES. IMPORTANT TO REVIEW THIS WEB SITE.


Also, the placement of the device streaming the game CANNOT be located inside the facility’s fence or on the field of play, create a safety risk to any of the game’s participants, distract players or coaches, obstruct the view of persons attending the game, or be placed in either dugout.


Staff arrival time, please have the fields ready to play on 1 hour before the game starts and supporting staff their 45 mins before game starts.


Announcer – Procedures see Tournament Package for Announcements


Music – Must be G Rated,


Opening Ceremonies – Introductions, Star Spangle Banner (If no Music, then Pledge of Allegiance) Player, Coach, Umpire and Supporting Staff Introductions.


End of Game Ceremonies and Awards, both teams Line up on base lines for Pin ceremonies. Always announce the next game


Snack bar please have it open 30 mins before the game


Pitch Count to be announced every half inning


Score Book is the official record of the game


Umpires Please provide them water during the game, they are in charge between the fences


Water and Shade: Shades on the Dugout, If the Site Host will let you add them to the dugout they must not block the front of the dugout, Adequate toilet facilities must be provided. Let your parents and players know where they are located.

Water must be provided in the dugouts, either drinking fountains or water jugs with cups. Coolers with additional drinks may be brought in the dugout before the game starts


Photographers on the Field- Only with permission of the Tournament Director and Umpires. ONLY PRESS with credentials.


Who is allowed on the field when, only if you have a badge


Safety, First Aid Kit – must be provided


Issues that delay or stop the game, weather, Lights, Other Issue, tournament Directors responsibility.


Management of Fans, the Tournament Director has the right to ask anyone to leave the site, if they are not in the Little League Spirit.


Flyer Distribution do not allow flyers to be distrusted at the Tournament Site, (Sports Training, Travel Baseball, People Running for Political Office, et…)


Brackets Displayed on our web site


Reporting of Scores to be done by Tournament Director.


District Staff and Procedures at Tournament Sites

Please wear Staff Shirts


District Staff Responsibilities for helping the tournament staff, Management of issue to prevent Issue, Protest, Min Play, Pitch Count and Fans Issues.


Please introduce yourself to Tournament Staff (Scorekeeper, Pitch Count Person, Umpires, Coaches and Mangers on both teams.


California District 54 Little League

Mac Cameron, PO Box 816
el Dorado, California 95623
Phone : 916-599-0611
Email : [email protected]
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