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Feb, 2021

2021 Little League Rulebook Significant Changes

Little League Sandlot-Style Program
• Provides local leagues an option that provides an opportunity for children to play in an unstructured, relaxed atmosphere, where the players make the rules. • Open to both existing and new players
• Designed for games to be played in a loosely structured environment
• Limited adult involvement that encourages a welcoming, fun environment within the community

Introduction to Little  League Sandlot-Style Program – Next Steps
• Encourage leagues to adopt new programming to enhance their player members, volunteers, and community experience
• Provide training within your District for League Presidents and other league officials
• Assist leagues in developing Sandlot-style events
• Track local league participation and gather best practices
• Spread best practices through monthly District meetings District Travel Program
• Provides for a District-operated travel program to supplement regular season participation
• Operated by the District Administrator and staff
• Designed to allow for more competitive play during the regular season
• Players must be registered and participating in a local league in order to be eligible
• Games must be played against other teams from this division. Teams will not be permitted to participate against non-Little League teams or in non-Little League events

District Travel program
• Each league within the District is permitted to enter a team or teams into the travel program
• All Regular Season Rules and Regulations will apply
• Individual player pitch counts carry over from regular season play to the district travel program
• No interleague or special games forms are required
• It is recommended that the travel program schedules one game a week during the regular season Game Modification –

Count on Batter
• What: Each batter will enter the batter’s box with a one ball and one strike (1-1) count
• Why: • Shown to reduce average game time by approximately 30 minutes
• Encourages batters to swing at more pitches and be actively involved
• Has resulted in more balls in play and more action on the field
• Fewer pitching changes due to lower pitch counts and reduced pitching stress
• Recommend for younger divisions of play Game Modification –

Runners on Base
• What: Each inning will begin with a runner on base
• Players not currently in the line-up (or the last two batters in the line-up if using continuous batting order) will be placed on first and second base at the start of the inning and the game will proceed as normal.
• Why: • Significantly increases player engagement
• Limits the amount of downtime for players between at-bats
• Does not increase pitch counts
• Increased game action is attractive to families and parents who do not consider themselves a baseball/softball fan
• Recommended for younger divisions of play Getting Started
• Both game modification options and the Sandlot-style program are ap

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